…my “precious” ;)

I used Nike shoes when I started running. I don’t even know at that time that it was a running shoes, not until I bothered to scrutinized it. As long as it’s a “rubber shoes” then it is suitable for running. I bought the shoes since it was on sale and I’m not embarrassed to say this, it was my first ever “rubber shoes” and it’s a Nike ( you know how we are when it comes to brand names). I was happy using it for a while then I saw another style that was on sale. By this time, I was more or less into running so I needed to have another pair. My two pairs of Nike had its fair share of use, much more when I run more frequently. There was one race I participated in where my running shoes got soaking wet. Not wanting to miss a few days without running ( since I have to wait for my shoes to dry ), I bought another pair of Nike’s ( of course, it was on sale, I can’t afford to buy the really pricey ones) The first time I used it, I got blisters that I end not running for a week. I was fuming at myself and the shoes.

The more I got involved with running, the more I want to learned all about it. I got into gait analysis at RUNNR’s in Manila. I did the wet test thing. I found out I have a normal arch and I need stability shoes. I did some research then found out about Mizuno’s. There’s not much hype when it comes to this product, at least, not like those of Nike and other brands.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 3

My first pair of Mizuno was the Wave Inspire 3. I would have wanted the Wave Inspire 6 but its too expensive for me so I opted for the older version. The first time I put it on, it felt like I’m not wearing any shoes at all. It was so light on my feet. From then on, I used it more often in my runs. I used the Nike only when my Mizuno has to be washed. I wore my Wave Inspire 3 when I boarded my first ever flight to Canada. And pretty much used it everyday.

Come to think of it, I put on my Mizuno whenever I go out for a walk or run. Then I tried running on trails with it. My Wave Inspire 3 got so pretty used up that I needed to have another pair again. I was thinking of buying the North Face Single Track but the lady in the store told me that it wouldn’t be good for running on the road, of which I often do. Frankly, when I tried on the Single Track, I was enamored  and eager to buy it. Good thing I listened to the lady’s advise.

Mizuno Wave Fortis 3

I bought the Mizuno Wave Fortis 3. It was awesome. I took it out on a “break-in” run for a mile and it felt great. I love the fact that it has a not too flashy color. I also like its design and style. Since I started wearing Mizuno, I’ve become partial to it. Sure it would be fun ( probably) to try other brands but eventually, I will go back to that which is comfortable and suits  me fine.

I used the Wave Fortis 3 in my first ever 10K race here in Nanaimo. I was beside myself with joy when I got a good time compared to my previous 10K way back home. The shoes played an important role in my good finish. :-) Totally. Plus, the Wave Fortis 3 is one of the shoes recommended for my foot type per my result from Mizuno Precision Fit Online. Coincidence, eh?

I have no complaints with my  only two pairs of Mizuno’s. Maybe, when they’re rack up enough mileage for me to think about of buying a new one then I would do so but until then I’ll continue to have “awesome” runs in them. :)

Big names does not necessarily mean good for you. It all boils down to comfort and meeting your needs. I guess there’s no harm in being up-to-date with everything that is new. Still, we have to be smart in our choices. To me, comfort and my money’s worth is what I’m after. And I don’t give a hoot if I’m not “in”. :D

Anyway, you can check out Mizuno’s website for more information about their shoes, particularly, running shoes. Happy reading.

Wobble on Panda. :)