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I love ‘em runners

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My kicks. :D

Two years of running and I managed to amass 4 pairs of runners. Not counting the ones I left back home, which if I remember correctly was 3 pairs. They were all Nikes and during that time I wasn’t so keen ( if I may say so ) to know more about running shoes, other than the fact that I used them for running. Period.

My first. ;)

When I moved here, I decided to bring along my first ‘proper’ pair of running shoes- the Mizuno Wave Inspire 3. I wore it during my long flight to Vancouver and pretty much wore it everywhere since then, even if I’m not running, except of course, when I am indoors.

We’ve been through a lot of awesome runs. :)

I bought my Mizuno Wave Fortis 3, a month before my first 10K race in Nanaimo. My first pair was already worn out by this time. I’ve worn the Wave Fortis 3 everywhere I guess ( that a friend commented, “Why do you always have to wear your running shoes?’ ) It has been through all the seasons. It has carried me through all of my runs and served me well. I ran on it, one rainy day and was only too happy, to pull it off afterward, dripping wet. I wore it once when it was snowing that I got so cold feet. ( I did it,  not out of loyalty to my Wave Fortsi 3 really but perhaps, out of plain stupidity. Besides I’m used to the comfy feel of my runners. And I thought that wearing a pair of boots on a snowy day is an overkill. :D )

And I thought I only love Mizuno. Well…. ;)

I ran in the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-marathon ( my first actually ) using a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11. My first purchase of this year. I figured I can use a new pair of kicks to celebrate ( celebrate? What I was thinking?) my first 21K. Anyway, I did alright during the race. The shoes felt great on my feet until I made my way toward the Finish Line, when I felt a noticeable pain on my left foot. When I got back to my cousin’s place and took the shoes off, there it was, a black toenail. Ah, the ‘perks’ of running, eh… ;)

Did a pretty good job with my first ultra…. :)

Months later, I signed up for another race and this time, an ultra-marathon ( well to me, it was more of,  like an ultra-walk but I did run parts of it though.) Another first for me. I had no plans to buy another pair of runners but it was called for so I did. I don’t want to get another black toenail ( which I’m sure I’ll do if I use my GTS 11). And my Wave Fortis 3 has had its run already and it was really worn out, that it kind of hurts my knees. So I head back to Frontrunners in Nanaimo and bought another pair. This time I got the Brooks Cascadia 6. It’s a trail running shoe but don’t really feel like one hence my decision to get it. My only issue with it, is about the shoelaces loosening mid-run. Annoying but I have no choice but to stop and tie it again, hoping it will stay tied until after I finish my run.)

So, there goes my short spiel about my runners. I’m a slave-driver when it comes to using them. They do cost a bit of money so I expect them to do their job. Well, it is really up to me. I mean, how I can I expect them to do their job, if I don’t go out for a run? :D

Okay, thanks for reading. Let’s keep running folks…. ;)

Wobble on Panda. :)

….Dear Santa revisited…

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“Please, Santa, read my list.” :)

It is this time of the year once again wherein anyone ( if not all)  is prompted to think of those things they “badly” want then put it in paper for dear old Santa to take note of. Actually, it’s just for kids. But then the holiday season always brings us good cheer and everything nice to look forward to. So there’s no reason why I can’t have my “wish list” too. :D

I made one last year, with description and all ( including photos). Suffice it to say, that I did receive them but not on the actual Christmas Day. We’re talking months, later, to be exact. Wait, except for one though, I got my first ever spanking new pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 3, days after I wrote that post. Which was cool, by the way.

While going over my older posts, I’m once again egged on to write another “wish list” for this year. And I will be totally cool with it, even if it will take months again or perhaps years, for them to be realized. There’s no harm in waiting.

I surmised Santa is kind of busy now and he would give first priority to the children. No matter, I’m still writing my list.

So, Santa if you’re reading this, you know….. Please. ;)

North Face Single Track

I tried this shoe on before I decided to buy the Mizuno Wave Fortis 3. I have to say, I was smitten by it. Since I run mostly on the roads then I reluctantly took it off and put it back on the shelf. (I have ran on trails more than thrice only but probably I’ll be back again when it will be spring or summer again. ) Besides the lady from the store was right when she suggested the Wave Fortis 3 for me. Still, I have my sight sets on the Single Track.

Layers ( No, I’m not talking about cakes ;) )

I’m all for covering my body. Heck, I even donned on a jacket even if it was hot during summer. At this time, it’s not hot anymore. Temperatures hover now between 10 C or lower. And I hear talk of snow coming in the next few days or weeks. I’m looking forward to winter since it will be my first time to experience it but the thought of not being able to go out and run put a damper on everything. Whenever I head out, I just had a shirt on and my ever reliable jacket and sometimes I feel cold. I’m still not sure if I will be able to run come wintertime but it’s better to be prepared, right Santa? ;)

Running Toque and Mitts

I’m not planning a bank heist or something. :D I just realized that my Nike running cap is not suitable anymore for running at this time of the year. Though I’m not sure what it feels like wearing a toque, while running. The mitts are quite useful though at first, I really don’t feel like using it. But I had a change of heart when I ventured out for a short run and when I came back, I could not barely feel my hands because it got so cold and numb. Since then, I’ve been using the mitts my sister gave me but even so, my hands still get so cold and clammy ( and that’s why I need a new pair ;) )

Running Tights

Since arriving here, I’ve always ran on my trusted Adidas running pants. I have no complaints about it during summer but now, it’s another story. The thin material could not hold off the cold anymore and it felt like running with a full-blast of air from an AC unit on my legs. Fortunately, I still managed to get by. But if I’m thinking to sneak out for short runs or so around this time till March, then I guess I should think of having this one too. Imagine a panda wearing tights. :-?

New pair of running shoes :D

Okay, don’t think I’m way over my head here. I’m just showing Santa the choices of running shoes that I would like to have as an alternate pair for the ones I have at the moment. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I get to have them three. :D ( wishful thinking)

“Ask and it shall be given unto you.”

Enough said.

Wobble on Panda. :)