I was looking forward to my Saturday morning run yesterday. After having been slacking off for more than a week ( due to my predicament at the trail), I was ready to run again. Unfortunately, I was not able to because when I woke up that morning, it was raining, though not the “raining cats and dogs” type, and if I was so inclined to do so, I could have still head out and run. It turned out, the lure of my bed, won me over. Happily, I went back to sleep. :D

I really don’t like it when its all wet and gloomy outside. I miss the sun. :(

The rain went on for the rest of the day. By mid-morning, I went out to do some errands and had my driving lesson. After that, just spent the rest of the afternoon at home, doing nothing much, except talk to Taco, from time to time. And ate when I felt like it. :D To work off my frustration, I volunteered to deliver newspapers in the nearby houses. It was tiring but a good alternative for missing my run, nonetheless.

In my excitement to run and all, running stuff took the most space inside my weekend bag than other things I usually bring when I spend my days off in my Aunt’s house. My sister always joked about how come I bring a lot of stuff on weekends when I only get to stay two nights at the most. I don’t bother explaining to her why.

I planned to head out this morning but it rained again. No, I’m not making excuses or maybe I am, I’m not sure. :-?

Anyway, enough my story here. Since I missed my run, I’m compelled to write my thoughts about it here, though it does not really matter to anyone. :) But if you happen to visit my blog, then allow me to bore you senseless.

Chia fresca ( iskiate )

With nothing better to do on this Sunday morning ( aside from going online ), I tried on a drink ( see above photo) I read about from the book “Born To Run”. I made this the night before and gulped it down this morning after I woke up. It tasted okay. I’m not into some kind of   “diet” fad or something, I’m just in the mood for experimenting. :D It’s what rain does to me, I guess.

Wobble on Panda. :)